Can I buy only the frame?
You can buy the frame with the motor system (motor+battery+hmi), it will be already wired up and tested. If you buy only the frame, we will give you just the stirrup for the chain and not the ones for the belt and the Rohloff.
(Unless you’re a shop, which usually installs Rohloff)

Possible configurations
In the SHOP menu you can find some of the configurations named “standard” by us, even if there isn’t any standard configuration. Some other configurations are possible, as it is possible that you send us your pieces so that we install them in your bike.

Please send us an email or compile Contact form for special request.

Special colouring
In the SHOP menu you can find the standard colouring and the option to make a project. The realisation time must be verified each time, the costs are specified, if you want the customization of the painting you will be asked to pay 360,00 € including VAT for the project (this amount will be discounted on the final price, it is not returnable)

How many kilometers can I ride with only one charge?
Speed, kind of land, weight (of the person, the bike and the equipment) and way it is used influence the autonomy of an e-bike battery.
In general terms, it is possible to ride from 70 to 100 km with one charge. If you have an extender battery, it doubles.


How much weight can the carrier support?
The fork is a Rodeo Labs fork, model SPORK 3.0, in their website you can find the exact information (
Rear carrier: 15 kg  Total weight biker + equipment max 100 kg.


What is the delivery time of the bike?

Size 57 we will start delivering them for February, size 54 and 60 we have a delivery forecast for April-May 2022(to be confirmed), it will then depend on the timing of the component suppliers (Sram, …)