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IQ-Labs frame
components you can choose

If you choose chain transmission you can decide between the SRAM Rival1 and Force1 groupsets (for AXS XPLR product see specific bike)
In the case of carbon Rohloff install gates and the change of Co-Motion on drop bars, extremely simple and functional, you can also install levers Sram Rival22, modifying and adding accessory gebla

We can also offer you configuration with HUNT Wheels, please write us for price with HUNT

Pre-order opening on Saturday 18 December 2021
The first deliveries will start in April 2022

For more information write us at hello@iq-labs.eu
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Here you will be able to personalize some components of your future bike! We inserted some of the components we tested, in the TILLAN frame it’s not possible to install the 2X crankset. This has been a technical choice that allowed us to dedicate more space to the recharge connector. With the new groups proposed by Sram or with the mixed configurations (Garbaruk-Praxis-etc.) it’s not necessary to have 2X on an e-bike. If you both choose the belt or the chain transmission, you will find the range that suits the use of your bike better, so that you can use your bike even with the motor turned off.
We choose Maxon for our e-gravel bike, more information about motor Maxon Bikedrive Air here
The lights are only Dynamo lights, because we believe these are essential in each bike and nobody can ride without lights. The dynamo hub will stoke not only the lights but also your electronic devices if you want, regardless if the motor is turned on or off, without consuming the battery.
From a speed higher than 6 km/h, thanks to SON and bush & muller you will have front and rear lights.
A USB type C port can be installed in place of the front head tube cap (optional).

We love creating unique bikes, if you want some specific components you can buy the frame and later we decide together and install the components you prefer. When you buy the frame, you will have already chosen one thing: if you want the belt or chain transmission! Depending on your choice, the rear plates will change.
After your purchase of the frame, you will be contacted to define each detail.

For more information write us at hello@iq-labs.eu

Additional information


54, 57, 60


Orango GRO, Scuba SEA, Vineguard Keyra, Project


Deda Deda Gravel 100 44 cm, Ritchey Venturemax WCS 44 cm, Ritchey comp Butano 44


Repente Black 3mm, Supacaz Black, Supacaz other colour


Deda Zero2 90mm, Deda Zero2 100mm, Deda Zero2 110mm, Ritchey Comp 90mm, Ritchey Comp 100mm, Ritchey Comp 110mm


Deda Zero2 27,2 x 350, Ritchey 27,2×350


Repente Artax, Repente Quasar


Sram PG 1130 11-42, Carbon Gates Cdx 20 only for rohloff


Praxis wave 40T, Praxis wave 42T, Carbon Gates 55 CDX


Praxis Isis Alu 170 mm, Praxis Isis Carbon 172.5 mm


Sram Force, Sram Rival, Co-motion + TRP per Rohloff


Alchemist Carbon 24H front+Rear, Alchemist Carbon 24H with Dynamo Hub SON + Rear, Alchemist Carbon 32H Front + Rear with Rohloff 32H Black, Fulcrum Rapid Red 300

Light only per Dynamo model

No, Bush & Muller IQ-x Dynamo, Bush & Muller IQ-x Dynamo / u Rear


No, Usb Plug III Cinq5