This bike is assisted by Maxon Air motor (more information here LINK), the aim of this system is to have an assisted vehicle, which is very light and reactive and which has the possibility to pedal even with the motor turned off. 


It is a frame that you can configure for Gravel or everyday commute use


You’ll love the versatility and the possibility to choose the type of transmission (belt or chain),  the automatic or electronic gearshift or Rohloff, the possibility to choose together your bike and the possibility to go out with us before we complete the choice of every component.

 So, the first thing you should decide if you have chosen our bike, is the kind of transmission you want to install in it.

TILLAN geometries were created while looking for a reactive and comfortable bike.

Steering wheel corner: it goes towards the MTB world in order to give more maneuverability and safety in difficult hills.

BB Drop: developed to 78 mm, in order to give a high stability perception, the barycenter is lower and it is an advantage for the maneuverability.

High seat stays with a variable section: they have a particular shape that helps both the rotation rigidity and the dampened vibrations 

Low asymmetric seat stays: in order to install bigger chainring and to create more space for the wheel.


M – 54567375540480 145 72,7 69 396 45 78 425  1028 (+24)92.6 158-172 
L – 5758140057050016073,56939645784251059,5 (+24)91,8170-186
XL – 60