This bike is assisted by Maxon Air motor (more information here), the aim of this system is to have an assisted vehicle, which is very light and reactive and which has the possibility to pedal even with the motor turned off. 
Of course the idea that this vehicle should have been safe and usable in every situation always led us in our choices.

We chosed MaxonThey have been friendly since our first meeting in 2019 and they supported us in each choice, even with the conscience we’re a small reality and it really impressed us! We’ve felt at home since the very beginning.
You’ll love the versatility and the possibility to choose the type of transmission (belt or chain),  the automatic or electronic gearshift or Rohloff, the possibility to choose together your bike and the possibility to go out with us before we complete the choice of every component. The frame has attachments for both mudguards (front on Rodeo fork) and for luggage racks (front on Rodeo fork)

It is a frame that you can configure for Gravel or everyday commute use.
So, the first thing you should decide if you have chosen our bike, is the kind of transmission you want to install in it.

The frame has the monobloc carbon triangle, high and low carbon seat stays and aluminium ERGAL 7075 forks that pairs with the ERGAL 7075 stirrups, in order to allow the installation of the belt or chain transmission. It can be opened in the DS part in order to insert the Carbon gates belt.

The stirrups allow about 24 mm sliding, which lets you tense up the belt according to the parameters established by Carbon Gates, that collaborated on the check of this part of the bike. If you install the chain system, you can create a bike with a longer or shorter chainstay depending on your wishes to have a more or less reactive bike.

The chainring is always 1X, as for now with the possibilities of chainring-cassette  and the help of the motor, it is not necessary to create any other gear.

The internal passage of the cables allows you to create all the configurations you want, to install dynamo in the front hub and  both front and rear dynamo lights.

Two water bottles on the standard spots, two water bottles on the connection of the Rodeo Spork 3.0 fork, and a spot for a water bottle or for a padlock under the horizontal tube (max. 1,5 kg).

In one of the spots for the water bottles you can install the range extender (250 W more), in order to double the autonomy of the bike during long rides.

You can go anywhere, the frame accepts both 650B and 700C wheels (we recommend the latter at least for sizes 57-60). 

The minimum recommended section is 32, the maximum that can be installed (without mudguards) is 700Cx50 or 650Bx55.

In combination with mudguards the measures are 700cx43 and 650bx47.


In the rendering on the right you can see a 700cx45 tire


Interchangeable rear to adapt the frame to the classic system Chain-Derailleur or Rohloff chain or Carbon Gates belt.
Plates and dropouts are in Ergal 7075, 20 micron anodized. 
With Rohloff Dropouts the brake becomes standard post-mount and 180mm disc brake, with chain dropouts the brake is standard flat-mount with 160mm disc.

With frameset is included only one type of dropout, the other one is available like accessories.

*We supply Rohloff dropout  only with complete bike, if you want only frameset with rohloff please contact us


Mudguard and rear rack attachments are available in the frame.
We install the Spork 3.0 fork (Rodeo Labs spork 3.0) which has luggage rack mounts and fenders.

You can therefore create a Commute bike for daily commuting and for the wettest seasons



In addition to the two bottle connections in the standard positions, there is an attachment under the horizontal tube to fix a padlock or an additional bottle (we recommend the MONKEY-SKS magnetic model). 

We also created an output cable near the seat tube for wiring connecting the rear light to the front and to the hub dynamo. It becomes comfortable even in the case you want to install a telescopic seatpost with external wiring.

* a second 250W battery can be installed in place of a bottle, in the vertical tube or in the down tube

Where we have been able, we have chosen STANDARD SIZES AND ACCESSORIES, so that in the future you will be able to find accessories of any kind at reasonable prices on the market.  The seat tube size is standard 27.2 mm and the seat post collar is standard for 27.2 mm tubes. The headset is integrated, IS42-52 can be found from various manufacturers in the market (FSA, Cane Creek, Ritchey). The engine uses ISIS standards, the cranck you can find from FSA, PRAXIS, or others.
All screws are standard metric threads, most can be easily found in the market, if you need spare parts just write to us.

The frame already comes with screws, headset, seatpost collar, M12x1.5 axle for the rear.
The frame set comes with Rodeo Spork 3.0 fork (colored or glossy black in the case of CARBON NUDE frames), the fork also contains the M12x1.5 axle.

For the carbon wheels we chose to collaborate with Alchemist in Italy, nevertheless we can install even other kinds of wheels and it will be part of the project we make for you.

As for the forks, we install Rodeo SPORK 3.0 of Rodeo Labs. This fork can mount  flamount or postmount brakes (with adapter). We can install USB from CINQ5. The choice not to produce the fork by us is a choice of a technical nature, the two products chosen are in line with the expectations of our bikes, which allow them to be configured with different axes and luggage rack mudguards depending on your choice.

As for the lights, we tested Dynamo Shutter precision and Son and we can install both of them. With our bikes you can ride in safety even without the motor turned on; to install battery lights or lights powered by the motor itself is something unthinkable for us. Our bikes weigh just a bit more than a normal bike and the motor allows you to pedal without any additional inertia even if it is turned off. You will never find yourself without front or rear lights (with the dynamo option installed and supernova lights or Bush & Muller).

That’s the reason why we’ll always suggest you lights matched to a dynamo and not to a battery.