During the design phases we started from the geometries, creating a bike with a Gravel setting (comfortable, suitable for long distances but reactive enough to be fun), we winked at the MTB world by taking the setting of the open head angle in order to make it more stable downhill and we worked a lot on the rear triangle to be able to have tires up to 700Cx50.
This bike is assisted by Maxon Air motor (more information here ), the aim of this system is to have an assisted vehicle, which is very light and reactive and which has the possibility to pedal even with the motor turned off. Of course the idea that this vehicle should have been safe and usable in every situation always led us in our choices. Concerning the lights, we propose to you dynamo lights matched with SON dynamo hub, the internal routing will allow you a safe and aesthetically efficient solution for the front and rear lights.

However, the first thing you should decide if you have chosen our bike, is the kind of transmission you want to install in it.

For the carbon wheels we decided to collaborate with our friends of Alchemist in Italy, nevertheless we can install even other kinds of wheels and it will be part of the project we make for you (we can propose you FULCRUM RapidRed)
The lamination and the realisation of the frame and the colouring will be made in Italy, we’ll offer standard configuration but we can work together to define your bike.
Every single project will be defined with the customer and then realised
You’ll love the versatility and the possibility to choose the type of transmission (belt or chain), mechanical or electronic gearshift or Rohloff, the possibility to choose together your bike and the possibility to go out with us before we complete the choice of every component.

IQ-labs is a company composed by a group of friends, the project has developed thanks to the collaboration of various specialized companies with which we collaborate. All the participants in this project are people we have known and have personally met in their companies.
We are a small company and a lot of our work is handmade, this allows us to listen to you and follow your needs; the times for the construction and delivery are not comparable to the ones of companies that store entire standard bike, as we realize and color each bike on demand and after defining the order.

The best way to be is to live your own life, to think about the present while planning the future. Each of us has commitments and aspirations; to stop, to think and to reprogram should be fundamental points in order to put everything back in motion and question.

The bicycle is seen both as a means to move and travel, as a means to feel better and do physical activity, to discover new territories and do it together with those who make you feel good.
It is an opportunity to get to know new territories and people, to see the beautiful side of people and of the world around us.

Be kind, the world needs it, people too. We attribute superhuman force and the possibility of growth and feeling like a community to kindness.

Be kind, in a historical moment where it seems that power is never enough and that the wealth of some entities knows no limits, kindness is a new you can use, teach and apply in relationships with nature, the animal world, and among humans.